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The seminar 'Current topics from Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and its applications' is held on Wednesday at 11:00 during the semester at at HPK D24.


Date Name Title
03.01.2017 Michael Habicht (UZH) Ancient Egyptian Chronological models and their relation to Radiocarbon dating and Archaeoastronomy
22.02.2017 Rob Witbaard (NIOZ) The ocean quahog: A bivalve with extraordinary longevity  as tool to reconstruct climate and environment
01.03.2017 Giovanni Monegato (National Research Council Italy, Geosciences and Earth Resouces) An updated overview of Last Glacial Maximum on the Southern side of the Alps:  comparisons and climate considerations
08.03.2017 Naki Akcar (Uni Bern) East African Glaciations: First impressions
15.03.2017 Laura Hendriks (ETHZ) Radiocarbon bomb peak dating of paintings
22.03.2017 Núria Casacuberta Arola (ETHZ) Distribution and fate of 236U and 129I in the German GEOTRACES expedition to the Arctic Ocean in 2015
29.03.2017 Olivia Kronig (ETHZ) Using 10Be to date the stablisation age of relict rockglaciers
05.04.2017 Florian Adolphi (Bern/Lund) Assessing and improving the radiocarbon and ice core timescales - insights from cosmogenic radionuclides
12.04.2017 Caroline Heineke (Uni Münster) Spatial patterns of erosion during continental extension – A case study from the Menderes Massif, Western Turkey
19.04.2017 no seminar no seminar
26.04.2017 Muhammed Usman (ETHZ) Regional-scale Holocene cycling of terrestrial organic matter
03.05.2017 Maxi Castrillejo (UAB) First results of 236U and 129I in the North Atlantic Ocean (GEOVIDE 2014 expedition)
10.05.2017 Biagio Giaccio (CNR, Italy) Paired 14C and 40Ar/39Ar ages of the Campanian Ignimbrite super-eruption (~40 ka): implications for the Late Pleistocene timescale and the evolutionary processes of the Early Upper Palaeolithic in western Eurasia
17.05.2017 Anastasiia Ignatova (ETHZ) An application of radiocarbon measurements for reconstruction the global and regional patterns of carbon burial in marine sediments
24.05.2017 Johannes Lachner (University of Vienna) Put a spotlight on 36Cl- and 26AlO- : isobar suppression of cooled ions with photons
31.05.2017 Zeynep Talip (PSI) Determination of the long lived radionuclides from proton-irradiated metal targets
21.06.2017 Maria Belen Röttig (ETHZ) Field work report of the Falàmè Mission in Senegal
12.07.2017  Martin Suter Charge state distributions and charge changing cross sections and their impact on the performance of AMS
Marcel Bryner (ETHZ) Low energy accelerator mass spectroscopy of 10Be at TANDY with absorber set-up
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