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Early to Late Pleistocene history of debris-flow fan evolution in western Death Valley (California) using cosmogenic 10Be and 26Al.
Miriam Dühnforth, Alexander L. Densmore, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Philip Allen, and Peter W. Kubik
Geomorphology, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Timing of early Quaternary gravel accumulation in the Swiss Alpine Foreland.
Claude Anne, Akçar Naki, Ivy-Ochs Susan, Schlunegger Fritz, Kubik W. Peter, Dehnert Andreas, Kuhlemann Joachim, Rahn Meinert, and Schlüchter Christian
Geomorphology, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Mid- to late Holocene environmental separation of the northern and central Baltic Sea basins in response to differential land uplift.
Katharina Häusler, Matthias Moros, Lukas Wacker, Lars Hammerschmidt, Olaf Dellwig, Thomas Leipe, Aarno Kotilainen, and Helge W. Arz
Boreas, (2017) London: Wiley-Blackwell.
Comparison of in-situ oxide formation and post-deposition high temperature oxidation of Ni-aluminides synthesized by cathodic arc evaporation.
X. Maeder, A. Neels, Max Döbeli, A. Dommann, H. Rudigier, B. Widrig, and J. Ramm
Surface and Coatings Technology, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Energy loss and straggling of MeV Si ions in gases.
Christof Vockenhuber, K. Arstila, J. Jensen, J. Julin, H. Kettunen, M. Laitinen, M. Rossi, T. Sajavaara, M. Thöni, and H.J. Whitlow
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, (2017) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Decadally Resolved Lateglacial Radiocarbon Evidence from New Zealand Kauri.
Alan Hogg, John Southon, Chris Turney, Jonathan Palmer, Christopher B. Ramsey, Pavla Fenwick, Gretel Boswijk, Ulf Büntgen, Michael Friedrich, Gerhard Helle, Konrad Hughen, Richard Jones, Bernd Kromer, Alexandra Noronha, Frederick Reinig, Linda Reynard, Richard Staff, and Lukas Wacker
Radiocarbon, (2016) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Hydrological and climatological controls on radiocarbon concentrations in a tropical stalagmite.
Franziska A. Lechleitner, James U.L. Baldini, Sebastian F.M. Breitenbach, Jens Fohlmeister, Cameron McIntyre, Bedartha Goswami, Robert A. Jamieson, Tessa S. van der Voort, Keith Prufer, Norbert Marwan, Brendan J. Culleton, Douglas J. Kennett, Yemane Asmerom, Victor Polyak, and Timothy I. Eglinton
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, (2016) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
14C Contamination Testing in Natural Abundance Laboratories: A New Preparation Method Using Wet Chemical Oxidation and Some Experiences.
Cameron P. McIntyre, Franziska Lechleitner, Susan Q. Lang, Negar Haghiour, Simon Fahrni, Lukas Wacker, and Hans-Arno Synal
Radiocarbon, (2016) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
The importance of pressure and mass ratios when depositing multi-element oxide thin films by pulsed laser deposition.
Alejandro Ojeda-G-P, Christof W. Schneider, Max Döbeli, Thomas Lippert, and Alexander Wokaun
Applied Surface Science, (2016) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Radioecological investigation of 3H, 14C, and 129I in natural waters from Fuhrberger Feld catchment, Northern Germany.
Alfatih A.A. Osman, Stefan Bister, Beate Riebe, Abdelouahed Daraoui, Christof Vockenhuber, Lukas Wacker, and Clemens Walther
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, (2016) London: Elsevier.
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